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Pickett County Elementary School3

Byrdstown, TN | Pickett County

August 7, 2005

I think that Pickett County High School is one of the best schools around,mainly because it is in a small county and everyone there has a friendly attitude toward other people.Although the school could use some repairs,the teachers are respectful and know what they are talking about.I would recommend this school to anyone.

Submitted by a student

May 25, 2004

Yeah, I went to high school in Byrdstown, class of 2002. PCHS is a very small, sort of corrupt little school. My experience there as a whole was great. I only have two problems with it... 1) Most of the faculty members give special treatment to the atheletes and their own children. 2) Some of the faculty members push their own religious beliefs and lifestyles way too hard. (But don't get me wrong many of the teachers are wonderful people) Will I likely send my children to school in Pickett County, if at all possible? Yes, because Pickett County Schools do not have the often violent problems larger schools have.

Submitted by a former student

April 14, 2004

I think that Pickett County High school is a great school. The teacher pay lots of attention to the students and help them with the areas that they are having touble. I think that the best teacher there is Mrs. Bly. She is an outstanding teacher. She knows what she is talking about when it comes to Algebra and Geometry. She helps the students in every way possible. She stays after school every day except for Fridays. I think that this school is great!

Submitted by a former student

March 6, 2004

PCHS needs to build a new school. Not only is it very ancient, but it is falling apart. The school system isn't that great either. I would not reccomend this school for anyone!

December 10, 2003

Although the foundation of the school is crumbling and the walls have been, it is a great, small, friendly place.

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